Florida Voters Poised to Increase Homestead Property Tax Exemption

Florida residents are poised to vote on an amendment called ”Increased Homestead Property Tax Exemption,” which if passed will give an additional tax advantage to homestead property that has an assessed value of greater than $100,000 and less than $125,000. Meanwhile, homestead property that is valued at greater than $125,000 would receive the entire savings. […]

What You Should Know About Fractional Investment

  Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources to independently fund real estate investment. To increase the number of people who are able to become involved in real estate investments, fractional investments were created, which allow several individuals to become involved in real estate projects. One of the effects of this new law has been that […]

Rebuilding Your Credit Rating After Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy offers a second chance to rebuild your credit and continue onward with your life. Unfortunately, your credit score will temporarily fall after declaring bankruptcy. During the period immediately after bankruptcy, individuals often find it challenging to do things like rent an apartment or purchase a car or home. There are, however, some pieces of […]

What are Section 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges?

If you sell a piece of investment property, you will often be required to pay tax on it, as well. In situations in which a person then uses these gains to buy another piece of investment property, that person will likely be taxed a second time. Section 1031 of the tax code offers an investor […]

The Impact of Bankruptcy on Medical Debt

A large number of Americans end up in financial debt due to the high costs associated with medical care. Many Americans who are diagnosed with serious medical conditions as well as who are involved in serious accidents can end up facing hefty medical bills. Many of those people decide to utilize the bankruptcy process to […]

Why Businesses File Chapter 11

At the end of August, a potentially major legal showdown is scheduled to be heard in court as the company behind over 140 Applebee’s franchises fights against Applebee’s parent company. Approximately nine months ago, RMH Holdings, the second largest franchise holder of Applebee’s, stopped paying their parent company royalties and advertising fees. After months of […]

Reasons Real Estate Agents Suggest Remodeling

  Deciding to sell a house is never something that happens overnight. Changes in employment, financial circumstances, or family needs may all contribute to your desire to purchase a new home after selling your current one. Unfortunately, the news that you may need to make some changes to your beloved home may make the prospect […]