Three Signs it is Time to Consider Bankruptcy

In the United States, bankruptcy is seen as an option of last resort when a person is in debt. Viewed negatively, the average person believes bankruptcy is a sign of financial defeat, and that stigma leads to people waiting until their situation is truly out of control before they seriously explore bankruptcy. If you or […]

Fatal Oversights on the Road to Closing

Most real estate agents spend the majority of their time preparing themselves and clients for closing. In the world of realtors, closing represents the finish line at the end of complicated race.  Unfortunately, there are certain things that can happen during your journey that make closing difficult or outright impossible. Acknowledging that fatal oversights on […]

Reasons Small Businesses Declare Bankruptcy

Toys R Us shocked millions of Americans by declaring bankruptcy and announcing that their locations in the United States would be closed. Some stores closed their doors immediately following the shocking announcement while others plan to close over the next two months.  Shoppers lining up to take advantage of store closing sales received an additional […]

How Common is Bankruptcy?

  Individual bankruptcy has long been viewed as a sign of defeat or financial failure, making those burdened by debt reluctant to file. As the news of large corporations like Toys R’ Us and Claire’s filing for bankruptcy relief dominates national headlines, average people are starting to reassess their decisions to forgo filing for chapter […]

Closing Day Walkthrough Tips

Once you have gotten a buyer through the difficult task of finding just the right home and guided him or her through the stressful process of qualifying for a loan, it might seem like the hard part is over. In reality, your work as a realtor will not end until after the last form is […]

How Bitcoin May Impact Future Home Closings

Bitcoin and other forms of cryptocurrency have started changing the way some do business throughout Florida and the rest of the United States. Florida has created laws that clearly define what virtual currency is and has outlined the exact penalties for using cryptocurrency for money laundering. While these laws have started to create rules for […]

Can Student Loans be Discharged in Bankruptcy?

  Student loan debt is a growing problem in the United States as the cost of higher education and difficulty obtaining employment with a reasonable salary combine to make life difficult for college graduates. As of 2018, American citizens owe over $1.4 trillion dollars in student debt, outpacing the nation’s multi-billion dollar credit card debt. […]

Preparing Your Buyer for Closing

Closing day is an important milestone in the life of a homebuyer. Regardless of whether a buyer is purchasing his or her first home or fourth, finalizing the transaction is an exciting day. While the homebuyer is eagerly anticipating becoming the owner of his or her dream property, the real estate agent is working hard […]