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5on Google,May 20, 2019


Amazing people! Extremely helpful.

5on Google,Apr 24, 2019


Adam and Heidi provided me a plus plus plus plus plus service today and stop the sale of my house tomorrow. Top notch law firm in Jacksonville for foreclosures. Tanya Schupp

5on Google,Apr 23, 2019


Everyone I have spoken with has been very helpful and respectful.

5on Google,Apr 22, 2019


Attorney Adams and secretary Heidi make you feel calm waiting for the good news I received an excellent service from them I would definitely recommend to my friends

5on Our Website,Apr 20, 2019


Adam Law is professional, thorough and detailed in the handling of my bankruptcy

0on Direct Feedback,Mar 26, 2019


I am not even finished but have asked for an appointment to discuss and make some amendments and after a week still not have had an answer.

5on Google,Mar 21, 2019


Yes I approve Thomas Adam as attorney . Received much help advice to handle my case. 5 stars

5on Our Website,Mar 20, 2019


Still in process, but they act fast and friendly with personal situation, I do expect legal issue will resolve satisfactory, personally recommend Thomas Adam and his group.

0on Facebook,Mar 20, 2019


Very good at what they do I would highly reccomend the Adam Law group

5on Google,Mar 20, 2019


they helped me file bankruptcy and accepted payments. best decision i ever made. great people. professional and friendly. they didn’t judge me. thanks

0on Direct Feedback,Mar 14, 2019


I need someone from your office to call me at 904 365 1330 please.

0on Direct Feedback,Mar 14, 2019


I receive a letter that I did not complete anything but I did plz call me 365 1330 l need to know what is going on

0on Direct Feedback,Mar 08, 2019


My experience hasn’t been very good. The lack of response to emails and calls not being returned when promised has been disappointing. To start, when I first called I wasn’t sent the initial needed paperwork to fill out. I was supposed to meet with Ashtin and after waiting 15-20 minutes my meeting was with Tom and Heidi. That meeting went really well and I left feeling good about everything. I sent in the requested documents and followed up with a few emails asking if I was missing anything. I specifically asked questions regarding my tax return being exempt and several other specific questions and never got a response. After my call with the trustee, I called and talked to Ashtin and explained that the tax return wasn’t showing on the filing and needed it added, she sent an email to Heidi and after a few days, nothing happened. I sent several follow up emails and finally got it amended. The day before my creditor meeting I called early in the morning and talked to Heidi about needing the specific amount for the check as I needed to request this from my bank. Explained that I needed to know in the morning so I could get it before my bank closed and asked her to call me back. She said she would call and never called, instead she sent an email to my personal email in the afternoon , which I specifically told her I am unable to check this email at work. So on the day of my meeting I was not able to bring a check as requested by the trustee. The day of my creditor meeting, Ashtin shows up late, luckily my name had not been called. I then followed up with an email with some important questions regarding my car and when I needed to turn in my car and he next steps and still haven’t received the answers and it’s been 9 days since the first email, sent a second email on March 3rd and here we are March 8th with no response. I get that your team is busy, but this is a major issue and effects my life in a huge way and don’t feel like I have received the kind of service and attention that I deserve/needed. I hope this feedback helps give a little perspective and helps you improve your customer service. I really think everyone there has the intentions of being helpful, but the delivery isn’t very good. Sincerely Mike

5on Google,Feb 08, 2019


Adam Law Group is responsive, courteous, & reliable. I love working with them, especially Shaye Sawyer. She's a knowledgeable GB friendly professional.

0on Direct Feedback,Feb 08, 2019


Still awaiting a reply to my email that I sent concerning my case.

5on Google,Feb 08, 2019


One of the best title companies I’ve ever worked with. Shaye and her team helps me everytime I need her help immediately. I love her professionalism and her wisdom on all aspects of title for closing real estate deals. Just an awesome team.

5on Google,Feb 07, 2019


Awesome experience

0on Facebook,Feb 07, 2019

Michele Holmes Spruill

Experienced and professional

5on Google,Jan 25, 2019


Friendly professional staff. Thank you for your service and advice!!